“Im Not An Addict”

This is probably one of the most frequently used sentences that our clients say to us during their initial conversation. Hardly surprising… Who wants to be labelled as anything!!

Often though the hidden meaning behind this statement is:

“ I don’t even want to consider the fact that I could be addicted because then I will have to do something about my drinking habit/ cocaine use/marijuana use, overspending, overeating etc and that scares the shit out of me. It also makes me a little angry not least because it means all of those rows or disagreements Ive had with meaningful people in my life where I defended my drinking /drug use as non problematic are probably my fault and that makes me feel guilty and shameful. And I actually feel bad enough about myself already.”

This circular thinking keeps denial of any potential drug/alcohol problem or any other addictive behaviour firmly in place.

How can Freedom Therapy help?

We ask a very simple question in response to your statement “Im not an addict” that will uncover your mistaken beliefs and ideas about what an addict is.
Our question…

“If I was addicted I would have to use everyday and I don’t”
“ I still hold down a job”
“Im not on the street or a down and out”
“ I can go for periods of time without using, especially when Im on holiday, if I was addicted I couldn’t do that”
“Theres no physiological addiction to weed therefore I cant be addicted”
“Other people are far worse than me, Im not that bad”
In your mind you have a fixed attitude to what you think an addict is and you have difficulty seeing another point of view…. the epitome of denial!

Loss Of Choice And Loss Of Control
You regularly drink / smoke / use when you didn’t intend to or more than you intended to
Preoccupation With Drug or Behaviour
Although you are not actively using you often make reference to your drug of choice, recite using stories/memories and are hyper aware of anyone around you who IS using
Continued Use In Spite of Negative Consequences In One Or More Major Life area:
Conflict in meaningful relationships and or loss of meaningful relationships.
Loss of income, loss of work, lack of motivation, apathy towards your chosen career
Financial consequences
Legal Consequences
Spiritual Consequences…hopes and dreams for the future interrupted
Behavioural Consequences, deviousness, half truths and dishonesty about level of use. Denying use, blaming others to deflect responsibility
Change Of Character
Mood swings, irritable behaviour, unpredictable moods, moroseness
Anger towards others who mention your using
Guilty feelings attached to using

Getting clean requires bravery, honesty and a commitment to open your mind… Fighting the inner addict with us means rediscovering who you really are, growing emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

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