So here’s the dilemma, you’ve had one too many drinks more often than not or one too many snorts has got the better of you more times than you care to remember. At the back of your mind, you have a nagging feeling that things need to calm down and god forbid you may need to stop drinking and or taking mood altering drugs for a while, forever is far too much to get your head around.
But one of the big things that stops you is that being sober and around sober people is going to be just so bloody boring right? No booze = no social life right? Wrong!

I’ve been sober for many many years now, and its true, I don’t really like to go into pubs so much. Not because its too hard for me to be around booze, or boozers for that matter, but to be honest boozers when boozed or coke heads when gurning coke bore me to tears!
Oh the repetition, the slavering and the havering, the jokes that are not funny, the shouting to get the well worn point across that everyone lost an interest in hours before. Why, why would I want to waste my precious and valued time like this.

I do though like to go out, a lot. I like to dance, a lot. I have a rich and varied social life and I have to say alcohol and drugs rarely are around me. Why? I go to alcohol and drug free events and I don’t mean 12 step social evenings.

Zero Alcohol clubbing, dancing, raving and festivals. Lots of beautiful people naturally high, embracing life, sharing their love of music, dance, healing, alternative ideas and working for the greatest good of all.

So, be open minded people, be willing to give something new a try, be willing to leave your old beliefs outside the door and experience something different. Be willing to be a little outside your comfort zone. Be willing to make new friends and be willing to let your mind and body heal from too much alcohol and too many drugs and let your spirit grow and overflow with joy and inner peace.

“Every body’s free to feel good”